Bring the remains of your deceased companion to the deepest point in the lands 

About X Feet Under

In X Feet Under, you must dig deeper and deeper in order to reach a suitable place to leave the ashes of your companion. You must build ladders, torches,  air ventilation systems and more in order to get further and further down.

Find hidden epitaphs and flowers along the way that you can use to adorn the grave of your lover once you reach the bottom. 

Monitor your air and health levels carefully because there are no save points and dead means dead.

X Feet Under was created for the LDJAM #48 which had the theme Deeper and deeper.


The game is a first person perspective survival game where the main loop consists of picking up blocks and recycling them to make room to dig further down. Blocks can be deposited into a recycling bin to make room and also to upcycle them into something more useful such as lanterns and air vents, which are needed for the farthest depths. 

You will find shrines throughout the game where you can leave the urn of your companion, but the best shrines are at the deepest depths. Don't settle!


X Feet Under uses standard FPS controls (sorry no gamepad support)

Look: Mouse
Move: WASD
Pick up/Place Block: Left Click
Rotate Block: Tab Key
Interact: E Key
Jump (hop): Spacebar
Toggle Y Axis: Y
Respawn: Delete

You can turn the music off by interacting with the radio on the surface

Final Thoughts

  • Wow,  this was a tough LDJAM. I loved the theme, but I pushed it right to the end.
  • The graphics were intentionally kept simple and I left out shadows to keep WebGL performing.
  • I wish I had time to implement some save state functionality - like remembering if you’ve seen a popup. I also ran into some sprite bleeding which I didn’t have time to track down

Assets and Tools

Engine: Unity
Music: Garage Band
Sound Effects:
FPS Controller: Based on Unity Standard Assets controller


X Feet Under 5 MB
Download 26 MB

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