Vogue is an experiment in creating a roguelite idle game.

When you begin your journey into the dungeons of Vogue, you will have to click repeatedly in order to move and attack. As upgrades unlock at the store, you will spend less time clicking to move and more time upgrading your hero to face the more dangerous enemies that dwell further into the dungeon.

The controls in Vogue are very simple

Left Click anywhere in the screen - move your character/attack the enemy

Left Click on a button to use/equip/etc.

Right Click on most things to get information about them

NOTE - The game will save automatically and you can also save from the More screen. You cannot copy the key in web browsers (Unity thing), but that's OK because it also saves to cookies.

NOTE - Due to the nature of browser tabs and Unity Web GL, the game cannot progress very quickly when it's a background tab. Download the Windows standalone if you want to let Vogue run for a long time.

NOTE: It seems that if you leave Vogue on its own tab in its own browser window, it will run in the background though at the correct speed..

NOTE - your character moves on his own path and will always clear out enemies, loot treasure, and move to the next room. You do not need to click anywhere specific. Just clicking causes the hero to take action.


Songs From An Unmade World 2 by Visager is licensed under a Attribution License.
Based on a work at http://visager.bandcamp.com/album/songs-from-an-unmade-world-2

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Published14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreRole Playing
Tagsclicker, idle


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Nice game, I like how you can automate anything and also deactivate it when you wish. Specially useful for the potions, although I felt I like I always needed a higher tier than what I was able to afford, but I didn't make much savings... Good job!

Nice game! Liked the graphics style and the rogue-like theme.

I don't quite see the use of upgrading defense, though, as saving 1 HP from 75+ damage doesn't seem worth it.

Also, would love that a new dungeon is generated each revival, it becomes quite repetitive as it is...


Defense is worthless and I didn't balance it properly and didn't want to yank it and risk bugs but when I play I never upgrade it. re random dungeons each spawn, it actually did go through my mind but I decided against it.


really nice game