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UpEnd is a physics based puzzle game where you place dominoes around the level in order to knock over the fixed green dominoes.

In UpEnd when you press Play, the white domino on the board will automatically be knocked over setting in motion a chain reaction which will (hopefully) knock over all of the green dominoes on the board.

UpEnd is a relatively short puzzle game with just over 20 levels ranging from pretty easy to moderately challenging. You should be able to complete the full game in just under an hour unless you get stuck.


The basic gameplay of UpEnd is very straightforward: Drag black dominoes around the board. When you press the Spacebar, the white domino on the board will knock over hopefully knocking over your black dominoes so that they knock over all of the green dominoes on the map.

To prevent "cheating", any black dominoes that knock a green domino must have been knocked by a white domino or a black domino that was indirectly touched by a white domino. In other words, there must be a chain of events leading back to a white domino otherwise knocking over the green domino won't count (e.g. you can't just position a black domino right next to a green domino in the air and press play)


Toggle Play Mode (knock over white domino): Spacebar

Drag Domino: Left click on domino

Change Domino Orientation: Tab while dragging domino

Rotate Domino: R key while dragging domino

Rotate Camera: Hold middle mouse button and move mouse

Zoom Camera: Mouse wheel

If a black domino is showing red dots it means that you can't place it where you want to

Dominoes will automatically try to go to the highest spot available where you are trying to drag, so they will position themselves on top of obstacles and other dominoes automatically. If this doesn't happen, try dragging away and dragging back to where you want to go - this usually fixes it.


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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy UpEnd. If you run into any problems let me know in the comments on here or via a direct message.