Guide your blinded love to safety using only your voice, but be careful because their demons are also attracted to the sound of your voice.

My Love is Blind is a puzzle platformer created in 7 days for the #BrackeysGameJam. The theme for the game jam is "Love is Blind". In "My Love is Blind" the love of your life has been blinded and you must guide them to safety with the sound of your voice. 

My Love is Blind is available to play in the browser but also as a Windows download for those that prefer this or whose browsers do not support WebGL very well.


The gameplay in "My Love is Blind" is very simple. On each screen you must guide your blind love to the exit arch using only your voice. You can call your love to the spot where you are projecting your voice or you can warn your love away from that spot.

Enemies are always attracted to the sound of a voice even if it is warning.

Machines are also attracted to voice and will move along their tracks based on the position of the voice. 


The controls in "My Love is Blind" are very simple. 

Left click: call your love to the spot where you are clicking

Right click: warn your love away from the spot where you are clicking


"My Love is Blind" was developed in Unity 2018.3 for the #BrackeysGameJam

Per the rules, no external assets were used outside of Package Manager assets and fonts which have an open license.

The font used is Pixeltype which is 100% free

The package manager assets used are TextMeshPro and Cinemachine

All music and sound effects were created in Garage Band on iOS. 

Pixel art was created using Pyxel Edit. I have never done pixel art before and the results show - it's not very good.

Credits to StackOverflow for pointing me in the right direction on how to constrain a point to a line segment (used for keeping the machines on the tracks)


The story in "My Love is Blind" is about betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption using the theme of the jam as inspiration.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Romance


My Love is Blind (win).zip 50 MB
My Love is Blind Soundtrack (6 songs mp3).zip 14 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run My Love is Blind.exe


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This was such a fun and challenging pixelated game! Had fun playing it!


Love the gameplay! Keeps my mind going. Great work!


Thank you very much!


Very cute! Puzzles were decently challenging, especially the second one to the last. Reminded me a bit of The Company of Myself.


Thanks and wow - I had never heard of that game but it is really great!

Isn't it!? One of my all-time favorites. Super impactful. Glad I could introduce you!

Sweet game with a really nice mechanic. Good work! :)


Thanks again for covering My Love is Blind - I'm glad you enjoyed it and made it to the ending. You don't see them together I know - I wanted to do a little cut scene but no time left after making 25 levels etc. etc.

Hey! Even if we don't see them together I hope they live happily ever after. :)

Haha well I'll leave that open to interpretation from the player