Candy Machine

Candy Machine is a puzzle game created for the MashUp Game Jam 2. The theme of the jam was Unconventional Means. I wanted to create something abnormal for this game with an abstract presentation and unusual control scheme. I went through various shower ideas before I settled on a rotating candy machine.

The goal of Candy Machine is to dispense the proper colored (and shaped) candy from the machine by rotating the machine which might be considered an unconventional way

Things only get sweeter when new colors, shapes,  and rotation speeds are introduced.

Gameplay / Controls

Gameplay is extremely simple.

  • Left/right arrows control the rotation of the Candy Machines.
  • Up/down arrows can be used to restart a level
  • toggles the music
  • 1-9 changes rotation speed (note: the entire game can be completed on speed 5 which is the default)

Links / Tools / etc.

Everything in the jam had to be created from scratch outside of fonts, but here are the tools used etc.


Windows x86 / x64 30 MB


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1st of all: Nice game, it's fun, easy to understand, and has levels that are very unique from each other, despite the simple elements.

2nd of all: What?! We both made minimalistic physics-based puzzle games in Unity about getting snacks out of a machine. We both used Garage Band for music, and got complimented on it. We both got in the video, and were 1 place apart in Overall.

How odd!!! Cool game by the way!

I liked it! good execution, fun music! try my game too!

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Hi everyone - I hope you enjoy Candy Machine!